Facial Serum - Hyaluronic Acid

Facial Serum - Anti age Serum is an excelent product make in france for skin care, moisturizer and againt wrinkles that you can use it in the morning or at night. Has moisturizing and firming properties for preventive and corrective treatment of wrinkles on face, neck, chest and hands.

Facial Serum called Biological Hyaluserum so called because of its high content of hyaluronic acid is an anti-aging serum, which prevents skin aging and wrinkling.

Hydrates the skin helping her regain its firmness and elasticity. It is also indicated for skin preparation before aesthetic acts, such as surgery, laser, peelling, mesolift, and its subsequent maintenance.

Prevents keloid formation also helps improve the healing process (eg acne) and supplements hyaluronic acid injections (fillers).

Bio Hyaloserum Logica, offers women and men the treatment of facial skin, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and firming giving a total response to their demands.


"A formula consists exclusively of assets"
A cosmetic is generally comprised of useless ingredients for skin and fat from surface-active agents or petrochemical-based synthesis, polymer resins, alkaline or acidifying agents which provide texture.

A perfume, a colorant or an essential oil are often added to mask the unpleasant odor and color of such chemicals. These ingredients, which often form up to 50% of the formula, have significant risks of intolerance or even allergies. As to the proportion of active ingredients, usually does not exceed 8%.

Notably Hyaluserum is exclusively composed of active ingredients with biological interest, reaching 23% of the formula, contains no other ingredient useless for its effectiveness. Only a preservative system has been added, which represents 0.5%, and has been carefully evaluated as validated its safety. No parabens or formaldehyde fenoxyetanol.

Minimal presence of highly purified natural components selected to ensure maximum effectiveness, ensuring optimal safety.

"Selecting the active ingredients and Anti-Aging Moisturizer More Efficient"

Hyaloserum is composed of ingredients rigorously evaluated and selected on the basis of scientific research, the latest in prevention and treatment of all signs of skin aging.

It is a unique and patented association Hyaluronane (hyaluronic acid salt).

This biopolymer, the main constituent of the dermis, dermal hydration maintains optimal. Provides the skin mechanical properties: firmness, tone, elasticity.
Protects and lubricates the elastin fibers. Favors the re-shaping of the most different types of dermal collagen. At the epidermal level "inflates" literally membranes of keratinocytes.
Regulates cellular activity (migration, differentiation, transport of information). Plays a key role in all stages of the healing process.
In short, it helps the skin to effectively fight the effects of aging by its neutralizing action of free radicals.


You buy 12 units and each will leave for U.S. $ 90.00!



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