RIGHTS OF HUMAN - THE RIGHT TO HAPPINESS! Everyone has the right to happiness. To carve out a future to the extent of their ability. 

To enjoy a well paid salary and great joy of loving and being loved. But for many, despite his talent or preparation they have, it is not easy to open field, an inferiority complex which limits its claw and initiative. 

That obstacle or obstacle in your future and happiness, physical appearance, sometimes due to minor defects and other abnormalities that really bothered by and hurt. 

Cyrano de Bergerac, swordsman famous French intellectual who became a legend in Paris back in 1650, despite his overwhelming personality, his success in social life, no luck in love, for his long and disproportionate nasal appendage. 

Prevented its ugly nose be happy with women who fell in love. 

His failures romantic theme of novels and Hollywood blockbusters that released, also serve to indicate the damage it can cause a person socially, a physical defect that could be corrected. If in the last decade of the twentieth century, Cyrano de Bergerac lived, would have no problems. 

A good plastic surgeon will provide an aesthetic nose, good-looking, and to open the hearts of discerning ladies. With his brilliant intellectual and exquisite mastery of word, would be the "play boy" of Paris. 

Students of human behavior agree that at all times always constituted the main concern of the people with ambition, look good and have excellent conformation of physiognomy. 

A pretty woman at all times always had the doors open and a handsome man, had no difficulties to succeed in love, business or politics. In recent years, with the visible improvement of living conditions in most countries, has become a real need to possess a good physical appearance. 

To help the beautification, only in the United States spend over 100,000 million dollars in cosmetology products, vitamins to control the process of aging, equipment and instruments, in barbershops and beauty salons, plastic surgery clinics and reconstructive, and research laboratories to discover new drugs and surgical techniques to prolong youth and correct defects in the body and face. 

It's not a matter of vanity, let alone a frivolous attitude, the desire to own a good face and a pleasing body. 

The major bestsellers in the United States and Europe, are books with instructions to have beautiful skin, exuberant youth and health. 

The most read columns of newspapers, are those where there are tips to control weight, fight cellulite, prevent and get rid of annoying acne abdominal curves. 



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